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The Infor Sales and Catering Solution (SCS) is the only sales and catering system designed around the beginning-to-end stages of an event. This unique, process-driven lifecycle technology is customizable and designed to automatically prompt tasks to streamline processes, while eliminating missed details and mistakes.

What will SCS do with user data?

SCS uses a customer’s Google Account information to sync event schedule information to Google Calendar, as well as to save reports to a customer’s Google Drive. We do not receive customer information beyond their account email address and necessary information for the sync, such as the list of existing calendars on Google Calendar and folders in Google Drive.

How does SCS enhance user functionality?

SCS interfaces with Google Calendar, so hospitality venues can automatically display events scheduled in SCS on their guest-facing event calendars. It is also used by SCS Users to automatically add events scheduled in SCS to their personal Google calendars, so all of their appointments are in one place. In addition, SCS interfaces with Google Drive to help support shared drives among teams to make scheduled report output available to the team.


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